Consult Doctor

Consult Doctor
  • Visit your nearest ODS Aligners Provider for complete details.
  • It is crucial that your patients understand the nature of their oral health and the suggested orthodontic treatment. Most patients either have limited or no knowledge about their orthodontic problem and are not clear about their treatment goals. All these factors often drive non-compliance.
  • Efforts to educate your patients about the condition of their oral health makes them feel involved, and the chances of compliance increase greatly.

Treatment Plan / VDS

Virtual Plan Simulation
  • VDS – It is made as per the recommendations of the treating doctor/ clinician only. It is a tool that enables the clinician /patient to see the end result even before commencing the treatment.

Aligner fabriation

Align Fabriation Customize
  • Software : FDA approved .

Aligner Delivery

Align Delivery Smile Makeover Begins
  • Template : for attachments placement.
  • Aligners : your invisible magical tray for correction.
  • Chewies : helps seat the aligner , also use 2 – 3 times a day to activate the aligner.
  • Retriever : save those beautiful nails/ docnot hurt your finger. Use retriever for Aligner removal also helps maintain the hygiene during this pandemic times.
  • Aligner case : keeps your Aligner safe and safe from the environmental contamination.