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What is a deep bite? A deep bite is a type of malocclusion. That's a dental term for a misalignment between your upper and lower teeth.


Crossbite is a form of malocclusion where a tooth (or teeth) has a more buccal or lingual position (that is, the tooth is either closer to the cheek or to the tongue) than its corresponding antagonist tooth in the upper or lower dental arch.

Gap Teeth

Gap or space between the teeth. These spaces can form anywhere in the mouth, but are sometimes noticeable between the two upper front


Openbite, A person with an anterior open bite has front upper and lower teeth that slant outward ... Learn about the main reasons for open bite and treatment options


Crowded Teeth What is Dental Crowding (Crowded Teeth)? · Mild Crowding — mild dental crowding is when one anterior tooth in the upper or lower jaw is slightly rotated.

Mixed Teeth

Mixed Teeth The mixed dentition stage is the age at which both deciduous and secondary teeth have erupted in the oral cavity. With children, fractures of the mandible.

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