10 Easy Ways to Clean Your Clear Aligners

10 Easy Ways to Clean Your Clear Aligners

Orthodontic treatment comes with a dilemma on how to maintain oral hygiene, with metal braces it gets trickery to clean. In this article, we are sharing 10 Easy Ways to Clean Your Clear Aligners. Sometimes not just the metallic look makes it a difficult choice but the difficulty to keep it clean.

Aligners are a new and advanced approach toward conventional orthodontic treatment. The clear aligner is the most popular choice as it is invisible, removable and easy to maintain. Thus, the most often asked question “what is the best way to clean clear aligner?” “How to clean the clear aligner?”

10 Easy Ways to Clean Your Clear Aligners

This is important to understand to maintain clean clear aligner is as important as oral hygiene. Unclean aligner not only will cause unaesthetic look but also can cause bad breath to start with aligners is easy, quick and simple, once you understand the maintenance is not rocket science either.

Now, just brushing and flossing sometimes is not enough. It is important to follow certain do’s and doesn’t while going through the aligner treatment. It an invisible and removable alternative to traditional orthodontics, care is needed to keep them (aligners) squeaky clean.

10 Easy Ways to Clean Your Clear Aligners

  1. Remember to clean both aligner and teeth regularly
  2. Remember every time after removal, rinse
  3. Remember to Brush and floss before switching to a new aligner set
  4. Clean aligner with clean water
  5. By using running cold water
  6. With the help of a soft brush
  7. With the help Soft cloth
  8. Avoid sugary and staining drinks.
  9. Use aligners cleaning tablets
  10. Clean both aligner and teeth after meal

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It is a golden rule to keep the clear aligners clean. Always remember to clean teeth and aligner every morning. It must be a part of your everyday regime. The clear aligners are worn throughout the day and at night as well. Thus, leading bacterial build up inside the aligner as well. It is very important to clean the trays before wearing them back again after brushing.

Remember every time after removal, “RINSE”

Never leave the tray aside in the open. Always remember to rinse the trays with cold water to wash off the saliva. Normally the aligner companies provide the aligner case to help carry the aligner/keep aligner. It is very helpful as the patient is advised to remove the aligner while eating. This is important to maintain good oral hygiene and good aligner hygiene as well. Remember to use cold water, as hot water may distort the aligner.

Remember To Brush and Floss Before Replacing

Remember To Brush and Floss Before Replacing

Ideally, brushing and flossing after every meal is an ideal orthodontic protocol during the traditional orthodontic solution. So is the same with clear aligners, which has an edge over traditional orthodontics, it is removable thus, brushing and flossing is quick and easy. However, we suggest not to skip this step before replacing the trays. Trapped food in the tray increases the risk of cavities or other dental issues, which can be reduced by simply following this step.

Clean Water


A magical and natural ingredient is lifesaver almost every time and any time – “WATER”. Rinse with clean water. Mix a glass of water with gentle liquid soap and soak the aligner for 10 – 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and smile like sunshine.

Running Water

cleaning clear aligner under cold running water

Clean the clear aligner under cold running water, this helps remove any article on the aligner. Do not rinse with hot water as it may distort the aligner. It always advised using cold water. Thus, it is under” How to wear aligner?” it is instructed to remove the aligner not only while eating but also at the time of intake of hot beverage as well.

Soft Brush

cleaning the clear aligners with brush

Sometimes it gets a little tricky to get the clear aligner clean with only water, very soft bristle brush is the choice of tool to fight the dirt away from the aligners. Use of hard bristle may cause damage to the aligner leading to the more roughed surface for plaque to accumulate. Thus, giving a visible dirty look.

Soft cloth

You can use a soft cloth to clean the aligner and remove food particles.

Avoid Sugary and Staining Drinks

It is the most common cause of causing stain over the aligner, also, the easiest to avoid to reduce the aligner. It is advised not to drink with the aligner as trapping of stained drinks may cause staining of the tooth and the aligner. Consumption of sugary beverage causes plaque accumulation which not only causes the dental issue but also stains the aligner. As the aligner is to be removed after every 2 weeks, it may give an overused appearance.

Cleaning Tablets

There are the number of retainer cleaning tablets available in the market. They are dispersible tablets which completely dissolve in water and becomes an effective cleaning solution to clean the aligners free of bacteria and plaque. They are some DIYs too to help remove the plaque and clean the aligners.

Few other tips for cleaning your clear aligners

  1. Do brush and floss regularly
  2. Rinse aligner with cold water
  3. Do not use Hot water to soak the aligner
  4. Switch to the next aligner as prescribed (usually, it is after 2 weeks each)
  5. Do not use toothpaste to clean the aligner
  6. Use a soft bristle brush or soft cloth to clean.

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