Best Invisalign Alternative Aligners

It may seem that orthodontics are merely aesthetic treatments, but there is a lot more than that. Misaligned or crooked teeth are hard to clean and are thus, a major cause of decay and dental diseases.

Therefore, if you are thinking of getting an ideal jawline with perfectly aligned teeth, to get the best smile along with the best oral health then, you must think of Aligners.

Why Aligners?

You need Aligners if you have:

  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Gaps between your teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crooked teeth

Metal braces are one of the most common methods to straighten teeth but their peculiar obvious appearance and their cleaning have called for inventing better options. ODS Clear Aligner is an answer to this predicament as advancement has been made to make them almost invisible.

But wait, if you are thinking of Invisalign Aligners, then you must consider another option as Invisalign might end of guzzling your much hard earned money. Invisalign Aligners are plastic trays that can be fitted easily to individual teeth structure and are barely visible but these cost extremely high between INR 1,00,000- 5,00,000 depending on your teeth condition.

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Patented Invisalign might have become a household name, but there are alternatives too that serve the same purpose.

What should you be looking at your Aligners?

Before you decide which brand to opt for, you should be looking for the following points in your Aligner treatment:

  • Your Aligners must be designed and developed with reputed dentists who use verified software and well-tested materials! Like ODS does. It uses the most advanced software and CE & ISO certified materials for aligners.
  • Your Aligners should be well planned and fit perfectly to your individual tooth structure. Your dentist must be able to track your progress throughout and till the final stage!
  • Durability is a must for your Aligner, as this saves health and cost both!
  • Your Aligners must not be an embarrassment to you. You should be easy and carefree to take them on and off too, whenever you need!

ods aligners featured

What are your options for Clear Aligners/Invisible Braces?

You have plenty of choices when it comes to Clear Aligners. Other alternates for Invisalign are Clear Correct, Smile Direct Cub, Clear Path, Kline, Ormco and ODS Aligners.

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Invisalign Alternative Aligners

ODS Aligners vs Other Brands

ODS Aligners: Clear plastic aligners, that offers the ease of putting them on and off without even getting noticed and without making a hole in your pocket are one and only ODS Aligners. ODS Aligners are sturdy and are custom made by your dentist specifically for you! You always have expert supervision and at the same time, you do not get trapped in all-time circle of visiting your dentist regularly with these aligners.

Other Aligners: Some of these do not get you involved in interaction with your dentist directly and hence may not help you monitor your progress regularly. They come up with the idea of patient sending the impressions of his teeth then creating a treatment for it. The Aligner kit is sent home and this is exactly where the hitch lies. A dentist and his expert advice are not available around the corner and this may negatively affect your treatment.

Let’s have a quick comparison among your Aligner Choices:

Feature/BenefitODS       AlignersInvisalignClearCorrectOther Indian Brands
ComfortVery HighVery HighHighAverage
Tray MaterialApprovedApprovedApprovedAvg. Quality
Treatment QualityHigherHigherGoodGood
Treatment SupportFull technical & expert supportYesPhone/EmailPhone or Email
CostPocket-FriendlyHighly ExpensiveLesser than InvisalignCheaper than others
3D ScanYesYesYesYes

ODS Aligners, therefore not only gives you the perfectly straightened teeth within your budget but also, provides you with immense mental gratification in terms of quality and serviceability. With their focus on research and case studies, they have established success results providing you an upfront solution where you make no compromise in terms of value. ODS is paving the way to huge success by combining best foreign technology with made in India Aligner kits.

So, now, Think of Clear Aligners, Think of ODS!!