Best Clear Aligners-Invisible Braces Company in India

Clear Aligner has simply revolutionized the dental treatments in terms of technology, ease, and comfort they offer. Best Clear Aligners-Invisible Braces Company in India are ODS Aligners. Traditional braces used widely to correct teeth spacing or crooked teeth have their own disadvantages.  These braces use either ceramic or metal to place teeth back in position and are a cause of high discomfort. The metal wires are fixed, non-removable and often cause bruises inside gums. These require frequent visits to the dentist adding up to a huge amount of expenses and also place strict food restrictions. The wires often break with chewy, hard food and are a total nightmare to clean.  They apart from creating serious oral hygiene issue also leave marks on teeth once taken out.

Best Clear Aligners-Invisible Braces Company in India

Metal or ceramic braces, not to mention, due to their contrasting appearance are also a source of constant embarrassment letting everyone know that you are undergoing a teeth correction treatment.  On the contrary, Clear Aligners are a boon to orthodontic devices in order to rectify teeth structure or placements issues. Clear Aligner, as the name suggests are Plastic Invisible Aligners which can hardly be noticed by anyone even if you are wearing them.  Clear Aligners being new in India are fast gaining popularity and offers best orthodontic treatments. However, the cost attached with particular Foreign Brands might be a cause of worry for a few people. It must be noted that Clear Aligners uses the latest technology to modify or correct teeth issues. Due to marketing and social media, few foreign brands have established themselves as Clear Aligners and therefore adding profits to their wallets.

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Best Clear Aligners/Invisible Braces Company in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore India

ODS Clear Aligners combine the latest technology along with expert guidance and is a pioneer in manufacturing world class Aligners. They are involved in continual Research and have gained unmatched expertise in manufacturing Customized ODS Clear Aligners. Due to the presence of In-house laboratory, ODS Clear Aligners have established themselves as leading brands in making Clear Aligners at affordable cost with no compromises in quality. They have produced comparable results in terms of effectiveness, hygiene, ease, and comfort and also provide 24hour support to clients and patients. ODS Clear Aligners, unlike other brands, uses tested and approved material to make Plastic trays.

Clear Aligners The Same Day

ODS Clear Aligners comes with a hygienic kit including Outie and Chewie tools to make the treatment easier and healthy. ODS Aligner trays are invisible, removable, lighter in weight yet sturdy and pain-free. Having a presence in almost all states across the nation, ODS Clear Aligners are also being used by Dentists in neighbouring countries.  ODS Clear Aligners as compared to others, also cure major cases which are often not taken up by other brands and are the perfect solution for an overbite, underbite, overcrowded or crooked teeth.  Unlike Foreign Brands, ODS Clear Aligners decreases the cost of middlemen or agents involved in preparing Orthodontic devices and thus offers a remarkable difference in the cost of clear aligners treatment. ODS Clear Aligners have repeatedly proven excellent results without absolute quality and effectiveness, and are becoming the choice of working and non-working classes.

ODS Clear Aligners adopts the latest software to map the defect in teeth and allow a 3D visualization of how actual treatment will take place. After, initial scanning, the experts plan the ODS Clear Trays required for individual and their placement is shown using 3D images. The patient is thereby, sure beforehand only how the teeth will be placed after completing the treatment. This also helps to accurately track the progress of the treatment involved. ODS Clear Aligners have therefore truly preferred choice for custom made, affordable and qualitative Clear Aligner treatment.