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Clear Aligners are the trendiest orthodontic devices one can think of these days to correct teeth alignment. Clear aligners have made the dental treatments much easier, hassle-free and even lifestyle friendly. Traditional braces are made of metal wires are so visible, difficult to use and non-removable. Metal braces require frequent visits to the dentist in order to keep them secure and tight. The wires are stretched on to teeth using hooks again made of metal and constantly hurt the cheeks and gums. Cleaning these braces is the toughest task and this often leads to another dental problem of oral hygiene. The treatment process is long and also puts high restrictions on what to eat and whatnot. The wires are not strong enough and break easily if the patient eats hard sticky food. So, traditional braces often limit your food habits to liquids or soft foods. On the contrary, Clear Aligners are plastic trays that are invisible and nobody even notices them even if you are wearing them on.

Best Clear Aligners/Invisible Braces provider

Clear Aligners are super easy to clean and therefore no oral hygiene issues are there to add to your worry.   The biggest advantage these Aligners offer is in terms of ease and flexibility. These Clear Aligners are removable and can be taken out whenever desired. You can always relish your favourite food and need not to bother about any damage. There are several brands available in the market providing Clear Aligners, but based on comparison ODS Clear Aligners are best. ODS Clear Aligners are custom made Aligner trays that uniquely fit your teeth and comes handy with outie and Chewie tools. ODS Clear Aligners are planned and manufactured by the same experts and hence offer superior results as compared to other brands. ODS Clear Aligners uses approved and certified trays to manufacture Aligners and incorporates the latest software(s) to map patients’ requirements and progress throughout the treatment.

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ODS Clear Aligners are event friendly, transparent and easy to use. After initial visits, ODS Clear Aligners call for fewer follow-ups and thus comparatively add to lesser cost than other brands. ODS Clear Aligners are manufactured in the well-equipped in-house lab utilising the latest technology and are preferred for their quality by a maximum dentist in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad. ODS Clear Aligners help to get you perfectly aligned teeth at low cost with high quality through a pain-free treatment process. The treatment process followed is standard. If you are in Mumbai, then you need to consult ODS Certified dentist who will scan you for checking gaps, mal-aligned teeth, underbite or overbite issues. A 3D scan will be followed by a plan to decide the number of ODS Clear Aligner trays and you will be given picture and videos of same. ODS Clear Aligners, therefore lets you see beforehand how your teeth will look once the treatment is done.

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Similarly, in Delhi, a technician may take the impressions of your teeth and using 3D scan you will be able to see how the teeth will be placed back in position once you use ODS Clear Aligners. ODS Clear Aligners works best for adults who are conscious of their appearance and live a busy life. ODS Clear Aligners place no dietary restrictions and hence are easy to use with children and elderly people. Also, they can easily be pulled out and again placed on teeth easily using ODS Outie and Chewie tools. All these advantages come to you at a very affordable cost as compared to other brands in the market.