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Cases Most Suitable For Clear Aligners Treatment


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How about getting a million-dollar smile with invisible braces?? A great smile and healthy teeth are most desired for an individual. People are all the time looking flawless teeth. Misaligned teeth make them feel unacceptable. But now, the future is here with Invisible/Clear Aligner. Cases Most Suitable For Clear Aligners Treatment. Unlike traditional braces, they are removable too. It’s getting more popular for its predictable results which the patient can see before the beginning of the treatment. This trendy appliance is booming in India and covering all kinds of cases such as spacing, crowding, crossbite, overbite, deep bite, etc. except skeletal issues (aligners can help camouflage). However, numerous factors like anatomy and complexity of the case may affect the treatment duration. Aligners are a substantial treatment which is first predicted and then planned accordingly.

Teeth conditions that can be treated with ODS Clear Aligners:

  1. Spacing
  2. Crowding
  3. Overbite/Deep bite
  4. Proclination
  5. Crossbite
  6. Open bite


Most Suitable For Clear Aligners Treatable Cases

Spacing: This is one of the most common issues amongst people. Spacing is a gap between teeth. These gaps can occur due to multiple reasons. Most familiar is the gap between the upper front two teeth which is diastema. It may be present in lower as well, in certain cases the spaces may be present between multiple teeth, this is known as generalized spacing. Any such spacing can be treated with ODS Aligners. Moreover, ODS Aligner not only helps treat the spacing but also, helps eliminate the underlying cause of the condition.


Crowding: This is also one of the usual occurrences, some have very mild whereas some have a severe form of it. Crowding is nothing but a condition where your teeth cannot be in one row due to lack of space in your jaws, thus they appear in a zig-zag fashion. In crowding due to lack of space they erupt in different positions. In this kind of condition an individual bear’s lots of problems. For example, difficult to oral hygiene clean through regular brushing leading to bleeding gums or bad breath. Then sometimes, there is discomfort in chewing food due to distorted angles and alignment. Moreover, an appearance which is the major concern in today­’s life, crooked teeth spoils that Insta-proof smile.


Overbite/Deepbite: It is normal when the upper teeth overlap the lower, the situation becomes a matter of attention when the upper teeth completely cover the lowers leading to negligible visibility of the lower teeth. This condition is not normal and should be addressed as soon as possible. Due to some etiological factors our overall facial appearance changes. This type of bite, in the long run, may lead to attrition (chipping of teeth) or other gum related problems. It may be surprising, but this can also be altered by aligners. Now, people don’t have to worry about smiles or hide their mouths to laugh. 


Proclination: Forwardly placed teeth, ever landed in a situation where people pointed out that you have a weird smile or mentioned your teeth are too prominent/forward or maybe pointing outward. This condition is called proclination where the teeth appear forward which could be due to your childhood thumb sucking habit or any other underlying cause. Worry not the solution is here which will last forever and give you the smile you want to show-off. ODS Aligners help push the teeth slightly backward.


Crossbite: Not a very common state of teeth. But if there is then it’s a matter to discuss with your dentist. In this particular condition teeth (or tooth) are either erupted too much towards the cheek or towards the tongue. In this case, sometimes the patient is unable to close his mouth in proper occlusion which again gives them disheveled appearance. Not to worry, even this can be corrected by aligners as it’s a customized procedure. Since it’s an invisible wireless brace so one can carry these appliances easily and nobody has to know. Wink wink…

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Open bite: There can be a lot of anatomical and habitual factors due to which one can face this problem. Mostly, it begins in early childhood as they have a habit of thumb sucking or they strain the alignment of teeth by their tongue due to improper tongue position. As they grow with this condition, eventually it becomes more severe and the child acknowledges the inferiority complex. Now as we are aware that it can be improvised. Hence we can prefer wireless braces that can change one’s look and enhance their beauty. A condition like Open bite can be treated with ODS Aligners and also, we can help eliminate the underlying cause of the condition (tongue position) by improving the tongue position and train the muscle alongside the bite correction.

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The above discussion creates a realm of possibility for Cases Most Suitable For Clear Aligners Treatment. These conditions can be aligned with clear aligners. There is no specification to identify what kind of case can be treated with ODS Aligners. Above mentioned are the most common kind, there could be one kind or a combination. ODS Aligners/Invisible braces can treat any kind of complexity with teeth through innovations and advancements in the field of Dentistry. Let’s have faith in changing the future for a good smile.

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