Clear Aligners Cost In India (Invisible Braces Cost)

clear aligners cost in india

Technology up-gradation has done wonders to mankind in every field. ODS Clear aligners are also such advancement in the field of Orthodontics as they have made it possible to give every individual a confident, clear and hygienic smile.

ODS Clear Aligners have paced the oral care treatment to newer heights and offer the best choice as compared to traditional braces.

‘Clear Aligners Cost In India Ranges from

Rs. 80,000/- to Rs. 1,50,000/- or $1150 to $2,500′

Traditional braces made of metal wires or ceramic have their own disadvantages let it be aesthetic, hygienic or comfort issues. On the contrary, Clear Aligners are clear plastic trays that can be easily fitted on the teeth and are removable too. With more and more number of people opting for teeth straightening, ODS Clear Aligners have become the most preferred choice these days. However, the cost factor becomes a hesitation for many people to give a second thought on Clear Aligners. It cannot be denied that ODS Clear Aligners are a bit high as compared to regular braces, but the advantages it offers over the latter must be judged as well in order to compare cost. 

ODS Clear Aligners can straighten your teeth easily, comfortably, effectively without eating & drinking restrictions, a few dental visits are required throughout the treatment. 

What options you have?

Metal Braces teeth

Braces type maybe jotted down to visible or invisible braces. Visible ones include metal braces made of metal wire and invisible braces include Ceramic braces, inside braces and ODS Clear Aligners. Metal braces have been used since ages for teeth straightening and include wires to be fixed on teeth. They need a regular visit to your dentist so as to tighten them from time to time. Ceramic braces are just as same as metal braces, the only difference being that they are made of ceramic and may be made tooth-colored resembling your individual teeth color. Inside braces as the name suggests are placed inside your teeth to give a not so perceptible appearance. ODS Clear Aligners are one step ahead of all these options and offer completely invisible, removable plastic aligners to correct your teeth.

Metal Braces:- These are traditionally used braces made of stainless steel wires stretched and fixed to teeth. Albeit, they are least expensive but the embarrassment caused by metal visibility in mouth and soreness caused inside is leading to their lesser usage these days. Also, the metal wires are hard to clean and cannot be removed. The average cost involved in the treatment ranges between Rs. 25,000-60,000 and regular visits to get the wire to tighten and follow-ups add to the cost. Also remember, the treatment may last for years, so cost perpetually can go high.

Ceramic Braces:- These are similar to metal braces, the only difference being they are made of ceramic. This makes them less striking than metal braces but is still noticeable as compared to invisible ones. These are also, less sturdy, weaker and brittle as compared. The cost involved on an average varies from Rs. 50,000-85,000 and cost of regular polishing add up to the cost.

Inside or Lingual braces:- These are also metal braces just fixed inside or behind the tooth structure. Similar to metal braces, these are difficult to clean and so, are not orally hygienic. The cost usually goes from Rs. 70,000- 2,00,000 depending on your city and dentist.

Clear Aligners (Invisible Braces):- These are designed using the latest technology specifically for your individual tooth structure and are removable and invisible. They make use of highly sophisticated software to map your teeth structure and offer the best treatment plan for you. These are so far the most recommended orthodontics treatments in terms of oral hygiene and comfort. The cost starts from Rs. 60,000 and may go up to 2,50,000 depending on your individual problem.

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  • ODS Clear Aligners are metal-free invisible plastic trays.
  • ODS Clear Aligners are comfortable and do not cause pain like metal braces.
  • ODS Clear Aligners are hygienic, easy to clean, unlike metal braces that trap food and cannot be cleaned.
  • ODS Clear Aligners are removable trays that can be taken on and off when required.
  • ODS Clear Aligners allow you to eat all that you desire, whereas you cannot enjoy sugary, hard food with metal braces.
  • ODS Clear Aligners do not cause any soreness in mouth dissimilar to metal wires that hurt gums and inside cheeks.
  • ODS Clear Aligners need fewer follow-ups with your dentist as compared to metal braces.
  • All these advantages offered by Clear Aligners (Invisible Braces) over Traditional Braces are making them a preferred choice nowadays by the majority of individuals and the cost involved is totally worth it.
  • ODS Clear Aligners use the most advanced technology to prepare and execute treatment plans for you. These are custom made trays to provide hassle-free, comfortable teeth-straightening experience to you.



It depends on what is the condition of your teeth structure is, which influences the Invisible Braces Cost and your treatment. Your treatment cost depends on your case which may be simple, moderate or severe depending on the structure, teeth misalignment or crookedness, duration of treatment involved and also the place where you opt for treatment along with dentist you choose.

The average cost of Clear Aligners may vary from Rs. 80,000 to 1,50,000

The cost hence varies from city to city depending on various factors and the exact cost can be given only by your dentist. However, the average Invisible Braces Cost in India may vary from Rs. 80,000 to 2,50,000. Dentist’s consultation charges, laboratory fees, teeth structure scan, and other procedures, production of the required number of Aligners, and other charges are always included in the treatment plan and cost.

Clear Aligners cost in Delhi

Given your specific condition, the treatment procedure in Delhi typically involves the following steps:-

  • Consult your dentist and get an initial checkup done. Your dentist will evaluate your bite or tooth line to evaluate what treatment you need.
  • Your dentist will take tooth impressions and photographs for the same and will send them to the laboratory to have your custom made Aligners ready.
  • A 3D Scan of your tooth structure is also done and then advanced software is used to simulate your condition. Aligner treatment is then designed and fabricated. The number of Aligners and the number of days required for the treatment plan is then decided.
  • The treatment plan is then approved by your dentist and your custom made Aligners are then manufactured and handed over to you.
  • Your dentist assists you with Clear Aligner Trays and guides you regarding the usage.
  • The treatment requires fewer follow-ups and goes on with much comfort and ease.

Simple cases might start from INR 60-80,000 and severe cases from INR 1,00,000 depending on specific malfunction.

Clear Aligners cost in Mumbai, Pune

Mumbai offers Aligner treatment including Invisible Clear removable plates. You have to find and visit a dentist initially to get consultation whether you really require Clear Aligners or not, ODS Aligners are available in Mumbai, Pune, ask your dentists for ODS Aligners. The dentist does an Intra Oral Scanning to map your jaw condition and form a plan for treating your malaligned teeth. Based on the scan, Invisible Braces are fabricated and slipped on your teeth for needed correction. The formulated plan and 3D scan are printed and demonstrated to the patient in order to show how the final treatment will correct your teeth arrangement.

Since all this procedure requires intricate software and updated technologies, hence cost varies from Rs. 80,000- 2,50,00 as per individual case.

Clear Aligners cost in Bangalore

Comparing all the advantages that Clear Aligners offer in terms of comfort, hygiene, visibility, technology, and other factors cost comes down to be a minimalistic factor influencing the choice. More and more people are reporting to have a happier experience with Invisible Braces as the treatment process involves fewer follow-ups, less damage, and more ease.

How to Find the best Provider of Clear Aligner in India

There are several companies providing Invisible Braces for teeth leveling. You may compare the services offered, aligner quality and customer feedbacks of several providers or Dentists to choose the best for you. ODS Aligners are gaining popularity for offering best product features, expert consultation along with cost-effective services that add value to your experience. Patients from nearby cities as well as other states as Delhi, Nainital, Bangalore, Rajkot, Surat, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai also are opting for ODS Aligners to get their teeth to straighten.

Clear Aligners cost in India depends on the multiple factors including your individual need, location, treating doctor, etc.

So, Have no inhibitions and choose ODS Aligners as you deserve to get the best!