Best Clear Aligners Treatment in India

Clear Aligners Treatment in India

Remember the time when anyone going through teeth correction treatment had to wear metal wires all the time? The metal wires that strike contrastingly on tooth structure and made the person feel ashamed, under-confident and embarrassed in public.

But thanks to the advent in technology, that the agony related to metal braces is no longer prevalent. Clear Aligners Treatment in India. For all those people who feel the need to move their teeth in position, or who have misaligned, crooked teeth, there is pain-free, hassle-free treatment available now. These days, people have the advantage of global access in terms of technology, availability of options and also customized buying. People, as compared to earlier times are now more aware, conscious and have a surplus of choices available at their doorsteps. Dental treatment is no exception and orthodontic solutions have now become a popular choice of many people.

Clear Aligners Treatment in India

Clear Aligners is one such orthodontic device that helps people with major or minor problems with teeth structures. Clear Aligners justifies its name in the sense that these are clear, transparent plastic trays that serve the purpose of moving the teeth in the desired place gradually. The plastic trays in comparison to traditional braces are light in weight, invisible, removable and easy to clean. Traditional or metal braces use fixed wires stretched on to teeth and are non-removable. These braces cannot be taken out without the help of your dentist and also impose restrictions on your eating habits.  The metal wires use metal hooks that trap food easily and are thus a nightmare to clean. Clear Aligners, on the contrary, are removable trays that can easily be popped in or out as required. You can eat the food of your choice and need not worry about cleaning. The trays are event friendly and can easily be removed if you want to hang out with friends or go for a party without putting them on. However, it should be kept in mind that in order to achieve effective results you must wear Clear Aligners at least 20-22 hours a day.

How to start clear aligner treatment?

Metal wires often cause soreness and also cut the inside of lips or cheeks. They produce noticeable results in not less than six months and require frequent visits to your dentist for wire tightening. Clear Aligners, on the other hand, require fewer follow-ups and produce effectual results in a shorter time span. The treatment completion time varies from case to case depending on the severity of misalignment. Clear Aligner trays help in teeth movement in generally three weeks and hence the trays are changed after every three-four weeks of time.

Clear Aligners Treatment Process

Imagine, what if you can actually see beforehand how will your teeth align and how perfect your smile would be, once you finish the treatment? Clear Aligners helps you envisage this dream and enables you to see in advance what your teeth structure would be at the end of treatment.

The very first step in Clear Aligner Treatment is to visit your certified dentist and check if you are eligible for the treatment. ODS Clear Aligners have a team of Certified professionals who check the severity of your case and suggest a best available solution.  ODS Clear Aligners uses the latest technology and software to map your case and develop a customized treatment accordingly. A traditional or more often, a digital impression of your teeth is taken and then using the software, a customized plan of treatment is made.  The treatment plan consists of well thought and articulated 3 D Aligner trays to be fitted on your tooth structure. Whole teeth movement and then the actually desired placement of teeth is shown to you digitally and also copies of same are handed over to you. This helps you to accurately map your treatment along with your Dentist over the whole time the process is carried out.  3 D printing technology enables to precisely fabricate ODS Clear Aligners and once the aligners are ready, they can easily be slipped on to your teeth. ODS Clear Aligners offer better hygiene and flexibility in usage. ODS Clear Aligners also provides ODS Aligner kits that come with Chewie and Outie tools to make the whole process of wearing and cleaning the Aligners in an uncomplicated and effortless way.

ODS Clear Aligners Treatment in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon (NCR)

ODS Clear Aligner Treatment in Delhi, NCR

ODS Clear Aligners have in-house production thus offering custom made Aligners at very reasonable rates. ODS Aligners are most preferred Aligners all over the country because of timely delivery, 24-hour support and best results. ODS Clear Aligners have offices in Delhi NCR region thereby extending easy accessibility and on time help. Also, ODS Aligners have delivered comparable results compared to leading brands globally. ODS Clear Aligners also caters the needs of other Orthodontic devices and even proudly shares the recognition of supplying these devices to other Dentists.

ODS Clear Aligners offer advantages as:

  • Custom made affordable Clear aligners
  • Complete help and support
  • No breakage or maintenance problem
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Pain-free treatment with fewer follow-ups
  • Doorstep delivery

ODS Clear Aligners treatment in Mumbai, Pune

Clear Aligners treatment process starts once you fix your visit with an Orthodontist and raise your concern regarding teeth re-structuring. The dentist checks your teeth for an overbite, underbite, crooked or malaligned teeth.

Technician under your Orthodontist will then scan your teeth and takes an impression of same. The pictures and impressions are shared with dentists and engineers in order to develop the perfect plan for you.

3D images are developed using the latest software and team of experts carefully design the ODS Clear Aligner treatment plan intended especially for you. The teeth requiring movement are identified, ODS Clear trays are designed and accordingly the number of aligner trays is calculated for treatment duration.

3D images and videos are shared with you depicting your current teeth structure and desired structure after treatment. ODS Clear Aligners, hence enable you to continually track your progress throughout the treatment.

Once you approve the treatment plan in consultation with ODS Experienced dentists, your ODS Clear Aligner tray designs are sent for manufacturing. Since ODS Clear Aligners are made in house, so, there are no chances of any discrepancies or mistakes in manufacturing.  Once the ODS Aligner trays are ready then these trays are checked and worked upon manually so as to minimize any associated problem. The ODS Clear aligner Trays are thus smooth, free of harsh edges that might hurt inside gums.

ODS Clear Aligners treatment in Bangalore

In this fast-paced age of technology, adults are busier than ever and need no unwanted breaks in a career as well as life. Traditional braces posing difficulties in all aspects as ease, flexibility, hygiene, comfort and appearance serve no longer the purpose. ODS Clear Aligners manufactured using advanced software is a pocket-friendly and easy to go solution for all adults longing for the perfect smile. ODS Aligners are available across Nation and this adds to the flexibility in treatment. The cost of treatment varies according to the complexity of the case and is totally worth the numerous benefits it offers.

You can actually see the results before you even begin the treatment that too with few dental visits!

Clear Aligners Cost In India

ODS Clear Aligners treatment in Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh Telangana

With India fast becoming the most allured nation for investment and growth, advent in technologies has added an extra edge to achievements in all fields. The youth of our Nation is full of confidence and unstoppable. Then, why the barriers of dental hygiene, treatment and accessibility should even be considered? ODS Clear Aligners are fully committed to work across all states delivering most efficient, cost-effective, removable Clear Aligners.  With a presence in all states, ODS Aligners offers to restructure of crooked, malaligned teeth in few weeks to months time period. You just have to visit your certified dentist, get a 3D scanned impression of teeth and in some time, your customized ODS Clear Aligners are delivered to you. You do not need any guidance or help to slip in your ODS Aligners or to take them out. Hassle-free cleaning and best oral hygiene, adds to the advantages of transparent invisible ODS Clear Aligners.