Why ODS is the right choice

Starting from $2000

*This is just an approximate cost. The final discretion with respect to the total treatment cost vests with the ODS Aligners™ trained orthodontist only.

The exact cost of your invisible treatment will be determined by:

    Complexity of malocclusion
    Duration of treatment
    Treating doctor

Why ODS Aligners bring more value than other clear aligners?

    ODS Aligner, ensures you the best experience with the most effective and fast treatment in a hassle-free manner.
    Better result
    Our mission is not just to give you better results, but to provide the best oral hygiene and ensure that you gain great results quickly.
    Fewer visit
    We make sure that you don't need to make regular visits to the doctor. Fewer doctor visits mean more time to enjoy life.
    Cost effective
    For exact cost of your ODS Aligners™ treatment, request an appointment with an experienced ODS Aligners™ Providers.