Dental Aligners Are the #1 Modern Choice for Teeth-Straightening

Dental Aligners Are the Modern Choice for Teeth-Straightening.

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A beautiful smile is always a very desirable trait. Unfortunately, almost 85% of the population has some or the other form of dental irregularities which makes our smile less attractive. These issues could be mild (minor spacing or crowding) to severe (jaws forwardly placed thereby effecting the facial appearances).

Along with being aesthetically pleasing, a straight smile adds symmetry to our faces, teeth are easier to clean and allows us to eat and speak properly. Orthodontic treatment to get these issues fixed is undertaken and is in 95% of the cases for a purely esthetic reason.

ODS Aligners, a marvel in modern orthodontic therapy has come up as an alternative modality for correction of any malocclusion. When the destination (the end result of orthodontic treatment) is esthetic, why the journey to achieve the destination be unesthetic. ODS Dental Aligners can not only treat almost all types of dental malocclusions, but it is a discrete and simple way to straighten teeth. You can call to make an appointment to see if ODS Aligners is right for you today.

Cases Most Suitable For Clear Aligners Treatment

Years ago, the only unenviable choices available were to attempt to conceal your teeth when you smiled or to sport metal braces for numerous years. Times have changed though. You no longer have to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious with the appearance of your teeth, detracting from who you really are. That’s right, holding your smile back is a thing of the past!

While technology has advanced over the centuries the science and method have largely remained the same. To move teeth a trained dentist must apply gentle pressure to the teeth and gradually they will shift into the proper place. In ODS Aligners it’s the resiliency of the plastic that generates the forces. These forces are regulated by the advanced and optimised attachments which ensure the teeth move accurately into the position which is determined by the sophisticated software which has been developed by years of R & D by the team of expert orthodontists working for ODS Aligners.

Why Dental Aligners Are the Modern Choice for Teeth-Straightening?

ODS Clear Aligner Treatment in Delhi, NCR

BenchMark for Teeth Straightening

Thanks to the modern, life-changing option of ODS Dental Aligners, you can experience the self-confidence that comes from allowing the real you beam with a new smile. Few fast facts about this popular & revolutionary twist to traditional orthodontics:

  • ODS Aligners made of virtually invisible medical grade plastic. These BPA-free aligners are replaced every 7-14 days or so as your teeth are gently and perfectly aligned, without anyone noticing that you’re straightening your teeth.
  • ODS Aligners has been clinically proven to be successful in treating most types of orthodontic cases, including those with complicated jaw movement requirements.
  • ODS Aligners can be conveniently removed for brushing, flossing and eating.
  • ODS Aligners costs about as much as traditional ceramic braces
  • The length of treatment depends on the complexity of your case. However, the average case takes less than 12 months.

Clear Aligners Cost In India

Taking Advantage of Technology

Few are intimidated by the advancement in technology of today because either they don’t fully understand it or doesn’t wish to adapt for the old and traditional ways that they have got accustomed to. ODS is committed to change people’s perception towards Orthodontic treatment. With our regular CDE programs, we keep our certified dentists updated with the latest advances in the technology so that they can deliver the best possible treatment to their patients.

Straight teeth and a confident smile are well within your reach, thanks to ODS Aligners—your superior, clear alternative to braces. Enjoy the many modern conveniences of today with a gorgeous, picture-perfect smile that you can proudly share with others.

How much do you think straight teeth affect your self-confidence with Dental Aligners? Is it important? Connect with our panel of Orthodontists to know more about ODS Aligners.

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