DIY Clear Aligners At Home | This Is Why You Should Not Try

Clear Aligners At Home

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In the present era of social networking and several websites that bring the world closer, certain trends hit the globe and spread various ideas to evoke general mass. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and endless other channels have brought to light some very fascinating ideas that have changed the thoughts of millions of people out there trying to find something new or trying to figure out the solution to some of their very old problems. But wait- are these ideas and trends always delivering what they promise or we need to dig a bit deeper to establish facts?

Teeth don’t magically move. They require medical approach.

DIY Clear Aligners At Home|This Is Why You Should Not Try

A YouTube video went viral when a singer stated that he closed his teeth gap using rubber bands without seeking any medical help. He went on suggesting that dentists would scare the hell out of you to go for orthodontic devices when actually it is not needed at all. Well, really? Decision making should come out from rational thinking and logical explanation rather than merely following trends and random statements.

Best Invisalign Alternative Aligners

Metal braces that use wires have been used for a long time to straighten teeth. Then came the porcelain braces to overcome the problems that metal braces caused. However, both of these have their own sets of difficulties and disadvantages. Metal wires use wires that are stretched onto teeth using metal brackets and thus, hurt gums and cheeks. These are so peculiar and obvious that they call for unwanted attention and embarrassment at the same time. Porcelain braces are somewhat better than metal braces but that too only when it comes to appearance. Both of these braces are brittle and fixed.

This means that you cannot eat hard, chewy or sugary food throughout your entire treatment and also cannot take them out without your dentist’s help and supervision. So, what is the most preferred and recommended solution?

ODS Clear Aligners is the only answer to this daunting question. ODS Aligners are clear plastic trays that are completely removable and transparent. This means that ODS Aligners are not visible and hence no one can even make out that you are actually undergoing any treatment for teeth straitening. ODS Aligners are hygienic, easy to clean and cause no irritation to gums and cheeks. You can even take out the Aligners when you want them to, in case you want to grab your favourite snack or drink and can easily slip them onto your teeth once you are done.

Now, why would one think of trying out Aligners at home or DIY Aligners? The only reason to do this is to save a few bucks as Clear Aligners are a bit expensive due to the unmatched advantages they offer. But if you are also wondering to correct your teeth yourself then trust the experts and believe that NO is the answer.

Clear Aligners Cost In India

Rubber bands, hair elastics have caused some serious damaging to patients and their stories are out there to warn others not to try them. Rubber bands, elastics migrate to gums and towards the root of the teeth. This leads to recession of gums and even bone loss around those teeth. So you might end up wasting much more money by not using professional Clear Aligners. Never try aligners at home methods. Gum irritation, inflammation, periodontitis, pain are some of the most common problems that you will be facing with DIY Aligners or “at home” aligners.

Also, some people suggest and opt to take teeth impressions at home without consulting a dentist. ODS Clear Aligners uses the latest software and technology to make customised aligners for each patient. Digital scanner scans the teeth to correctly map the position of teeth and associated problem. Hence, taking impressions is just not a mere formality that can be done by any person. Instead, it uses updated technology to exactly locate the teeth problem, amount of treatment needed and a number of trays that would be required to reposition teeth.

Unwanted teeth infection and irritation are often accompanied whenever one tries to take impressions by himself, at home. Dentistry has come a huge way forward as compared to past and it now uses the most sophisticated tools and types of equipment to offer the best possible care and treatment to patients. Hence, the importance of the dentist can never be undermined by social trends and hacks or do it at home remedies. It is imperative to consult a dentist in order to plan your treatment and carry it out effectively.

So, the best advice NEVER goes for DIY teeth straightening or taking impressions all by yourself without dentist supervision and consultation. This is what orthodontists say about DIY. You might end up making a hole in your pocket in the first place when you actually wanted to save it. Hence, we suggest you to NOT to try aligners at home.

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