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Do You Really Need Invisible Braces? This Will Help You Decide

Considering to achieve the perfect smile through Braces or Aligners? Well, this might help you decide.

The purpose of using Braces or Aligners is to re-position misaligned teeth or to correct spacing issues in teeth. Several other orthodontic issues as overbite or underbite can also be corrected using Aligners. Earlier, it was considered that people opt for Braces or Aligner just because of aesthetic purposes. However, as times have changed people are realizing the importance of oral health and correctly positioned teeth. Hence, more and more people are now choosing Aligners to achieve perfect oral health.

Invisible Braces For Adults

When do you need Orthodontic Treatment?

You will require Orthodontic treatment if you have any of these problems:

  • You have an overbite and underbite issue
  • You have spacing issues in teeth called a diastema
  • You have a dental overlap
  • You have overlapped teeth
  • You have teeth that are too high
  • You have poorly aligned teeth
  • You want to avoid premature erosion

First Week With ODS Clear Aligners? 5 Caring Tips For A Smoother Experience

Why do you need Orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatments not only solve the aesthetic purposes by correcting your smile, but these are also needed to achieve oral hygiene. Straightened teeth help to improve the functioning of teeth and even jaw muscles. You need orthodontic devices as these correct dental disorders and can cause several implications leading to further problems:

  • Overlapped teeth are hard to brush and clean. This leads to an increased number of cavities.
  • Poorly placed teeth lead to inflammation of gums
  • Fractures have been reported in case of misaligned teeth
  • Pain in jaw points and jaw muscles is also a problem caused due to ill-positioned teeth


What are your options?

Orthodontic devices are either Traditional/Conventional Braces or Clear Aligners. You might want to consider the pros and cons of each before you decide which one to choose.

Conventional braces are made of metallic wires or porcelain. These metallic wires are stretched onto teeth to apply constant pressure on teeth. Metallic wires need to be stretched from time to time and since these involve the use of metallic hooks in between, hence caring and cleaning of these wires is a major challenge. Metallic or porcelain braces are brittle and tend to break easily quite often. Thus, these impose strict dietary restrictions on users when it comes to consuming hard or chewy food. Also, these braces are made of metal or ceramic and are visible against teeth. This makes them a source of embarrassment and low self-esteem for majority users. Conventional braces are non-removable and are fixed onto the patient’s teeth. These require regular follow-ups and dental visits for maintenance and functionality.

Invisible Braces Cost In India

On the other hand, Clear Aligners are transparent, non-visible Aligners that are completely removable. Clear Aligners are made of plastic trays that are removable and easy to clean. These Aligners can be easily taken out when required without any dentist’s help and require lesser follow-ups.

Why ODS Clear Aligners?

ODS Clear Aligners offer the best treatment in terms of service and functionality along with the cost. ODS Clear Aligners makes use of the latest technology and software in planning your treatment. ODS Aligners are customized for each patient using digital scanners and updated software. ODS Aligners treatment requires you to initially visit a dentist to map your teeth condition. Using digital scanners, teeth position is scanned and then aligner trays are decided. ODS Aligners lets patients see images that depict the original position of teeth and also, pictures that show how is the treatment planned and how would it proceed. This means that patients using ODS Aligners can see how their teeth will look after the treatment, even at their first visit. This also helps them to track their progress throughout the treatment. ODS Clear Aligners are completely removable and super easy to clean. So, here’s why you should choose ODS Aligners:

  • ODS Aligners are clear plastic trays that make them completely discreet during usage.
  • ODS Aligners trays use either USFDA or CE approved material.
  • ODS Aligners comes with an outie and Chewy tool to help Aligners fit in easily and also to take them out hygienically.
  • ODS Aligners are removable and functional as per your lifestyle.
  • ODS Aligners helps to maintain perfect oral hygiene.
  • ODS Aligners does not hurt the inside of cheeks and gums causing unnecessary irritation, unlike Conventional Braces.
  • ODS Aligners are customized in an inhouse laboratory thus avoiding extra cost incurring on your pocket as in case of other brands.

ODS Clear Aligners have a wide presence in and outside India and are growing as the most preferred brand across all age groups. Minor to major teeth alignments being treated successfully at ODS Aligners. Unlike other brands, the treatment cost of ODS Aligners is much more reasonable and the services offered are exceptional. Hence, make a wise decision by choosing ODS Aligners to gain that picture-perfect smile.

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