Dos and Don’ts of Clear Aligners | 6 Aligners Caring Tips

Dos and Don’ts of Clear AlignersTo work aligners smoothly maintaining oral health is not sufficient. Dos and Don’ts of Clear Aligners are equally important to keep your trays in good conditions throughout the treatment.

Though everyday routine is important to follow, here we suggest a few tips maintain good health of the trays.

Dos and Don’ts of Clear Aligners or Invisible Braces

  1. Never leave trays in open
  2. Try not to drink or eat with trays.
  3. Carry extra trays while travelling
  4. Say “no” to toothpaste
  5. Say “no” to hot water
  6. Avoid coloured soaps 

Never Leave Clear Aligner Trays In Open

Never Leave Clear Aligner Trays In Open

Keeping your aligners out in the open, not only is a little gross but unhealthy as well. It is important not keep it out in open, exposed to environmental bacteria. It might make you sick, also may lead to bad breath. If, by fault, you leave them out, remember to rinse, soak (for 10 – 15 minutes in antibacterial aligner cleaning solution), rinse again and then wear to achieve that beautiful you always wanted.

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Try not to drink or eat with trays

Try not to drink or eat with trays

Whenever you are out for a meal or a drink, be sure not to drink anything other than water with your aligners on, it not only help avoid trapping of drink (sugar based)/food particles. This may lead to not only dental issues but break the aligners, as aligners are not built for chewing. Consuming sugar-based drinks may cause staining.

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Carry Extra Trays While Travelling

Carry extra trays while travelling

Who doesn’t love to travel, although it is an easy to way to lose track of your treatment if you forget to carry your aligner trays with you. It is a common occurrence to forget your trays while travelling. It will not only set you back but may cause more severe problem instead of any improvement. Also, sometimes patients travelling for months forget their aligners and continue with the same one for a month or more.

  1. It will lose its purpose
  2. It will distort after overuse
  3. It will stain due to overuse, giving the unhealthy appearance as well.

Thus, always remember to keep a few extra sets while travelling.

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Say “NO” To Toothpaste

no to toothpaste for clear aligners

It is one of the most common mistakes patients do is clean their aligners with toothpaste. It can damage the trays as they contain mild abrasives, brushing them on the aligners may cause the loss of the lustre leading to a dull appearance on the aligner-making them more visible and obvious in the mouth. The abrasion on the aligners may lead to plaque accumulation on the aligner-making it more difficult to clean.

Say “NO” To Hot Water

no to hot water tea clear aligners

Drinking hot water is indeed good for health, but drink hot water with the aligner no so much. As mentioned above, to clean the aligners also cold water should be used. While enjoying your LOVELY HOT COCOA/BEVERAGE, we suggest you remove the aligner before intake of hot drinks, to protect the BPA free plastic that clear aligner is made of from distortion.

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Avoid Coloured Soaps

coloured soaps

Do not leave your trays soaked for more than 10 – 15 minutes, if you leave them for longer it may leave an unpleasant taste behind (which is unhealthy to be kept in the mouth). Also, do not use coloured soaps as they may leave stain over the trays which can be difficult to clean sometimes.

Hope you’ll remember the above-mentioned points, here are a few easy proven tips to follow to keep aligners clean.

Some DIYs to Soak the Clear Aligners

  1. Water and baking soda
  2. Water and soap
  3. Water and vinegar

Conclusion on Dos and Don’ts of Clear Aligners

It is important to maintain dental, oral and aligner hygiene to achieve the desired results. Kindly do refer to the doctor for more. Here are a few points for you to remember while undergoing orthodontic Clear aligner treatment.

When In Doubt Do Not Hesitate To Refer To Your Doctor.

Ask your dentist/orthodontist about Orthodontic Solutions for Clear Aligners Treatment.

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