First Week With ODS Clear Aligners? 5 Caring Tips For A Smoother Experience

First Week With ODS Clear Aligners

First week with ODS Clear Aligners?

Here’s what to expect…

ODS Aligners work wonders when it comes to teeth straightening in case you are bothered about crooked or ill spaced teeth. The best part with ODS Aligners is nobody can hardly recognize you are wearing them on as they are clear invisible plastic trays.

If you really look forward to changing your life if it involves bad tooth structure hampering your smile, everyday normal lifestyle or your self-esteem, then ODS Aligners surely can come to your rescue. Let’s discuss how it feels to wear ODS Aligners right from the beginning till you have the wanted set smile of yours.

Popping them in for the very first time!

Do you remember when you lost your first teeth or second or third? It was weird right? You might remember playing constantly with your teeth, your gum, tongue or mouth. The eerie feeling that made you conscious as if the whole world is watching your missing teeth must have been a familiarity as well. Aligners are no different. The reason being that the very first day you pop ODS Aligners in your mouth you feel a change. Any change we experience is exciting, and at the same time, bizarre when we face it for the very first time. So, you might feel a bit discomfort or you might sense that an alien element has entered your mouth.

The dentists advise that the first week is usually the most troublesome phase of your treatment. However related snags start disappearing from the very second day and usually fade out completely by a week.

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Does it remain the same?

Definitely not! As you continue to wear your ODS Aligners you become more accustomed and more comfortable with your trays. The discomfort subsides and your tooth starts acknowledging them. After a week, you feel your ODS Aligner trays a little loose and that’s the first sign that your teeth are moving.

Unique experience for every individual!

Every individual is different and so are his experiences. You might face some temporary distress or psychological uneasiness in the beginning.

  • The Discomfort! The first day you wear your Aligners and have your adjustments done on your teeth, you might feel irritated and there will be associated discomfort. ODS Aligners force your teeth to retain their ideal shape and this might be painful initially. You might feel a slight pain in teeth and jaws in the starting but that is for your own good.


  • What can you do?

Try biting on chewie exercises a few times a day when you first wear your Aligners. This can be a natural pain reliever as it gives a massage effect to gums and helps blood flow in the mouth. ODS Aligners kit even provides Chewies for this. ODS Aligner Chewies are soft spongy materials made from Styrene Copolymer and has a cotton roll like appearance. These tools not only help relieve pain but also, save you a great deal of effort and time when you first time try to slip on your Aligners as it helps to seat the aligner in place swiftly. So, use Chewies and bid adieu to pain.

Trouble with Attachments! You may break a few attachments in your first week or have the urge to play with them all the time with your tongue. The Aligners might scratch the tongue, cheeks, underlips or side lips of some patients.

  • What can you do?

Visit your dentist to check on any sharp margin causing trouble, he’ll make the desired adjustments to help relieve the discomfort. Initial discomfort is normal as your lips and cheek are getting accustomed to the new material in the mouth. Your dentist shall prescribe you the desired medication as well if required. You can also use a peroxide-based mouthwash that gives a foamy and refreshing effect on your teeth and gums. It helps in healing sores and trivial oral irritations that might bother you with treatment.

Dry or watery mouth! You may unvaryingly experience dry lips or dry mouth the first week. In contrary, you might also feel you are salivating more with Aligners in your mouth. Every individual has their own way to adjust with the aligners initially. It is normal and shall fade away eventually.

The tightness! Some patients also report that the Aligners feel too tight in the mouth. Aligners are customized trays thus, this is due to the pressure that your teeth feel due to trays in order to place them back in the ideal position.

Speaking difficulty! You might also have a slight lisp or have a problem pronouncing certain letters as “S”. This is again a temporary speech defect that you might face with Aligners.

  • What can you do?

As told earlier all these are just temporary changes that you notice the first day or two when you put ODS Aligners initially. The more you wear your Aligners, the better you get used to them. Stick to a daily routine of putting ODS Aligners for at least 20 hours a day and you will be surprised how easily they get into your lifestyle.

However, as said earlier it depends on the individual case.  All put together, expect a bit eccentric and new feeling when you first put in your ODS Aligners just as you would expect for any minor change in your daily routine.

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Quick tips for First Week With ODS Aligners

Quick tips for First Week With ODS Aligners

Keep your ODS Aligners clean!

Indulge in good habits and use proper accessories for taking out and putting in your ODS Aligner trays. Always keep your trays clean, clear and free from any stains. Use White Foam to clean your trays either after you take them out or before you put them back in.

Use Outie and Chewie tools!

Hands are not the best option when it comes to putting on or off your Aligner trays. ODS Outie tools help you take out your trays the easy and hygienic ways. When taking in and out ODS Aligner trays, ODS offers the best accessories for this. So, go ahead and use them to stay healthy.

Have patience and be consistent!

it is imperative that you continue to wear your ODS Aligners at-least 20-22 hours a day for best results. It can be a bit tiring to stick to a daily routine of taking out and cleaning your trays, but not following the said routine can only work against your planned treatment. It may extend the time you need to wear your Aligners, so better be consistent in terms of wearing ODS Aligners.

ODS is happy to assist you to get steady!

ODS provides you with the best and reliable accessories along with great care and expert advice that makes your treatment plan a success. ODS Aligner Kits helps you get all at one visit and regularly monitors your progress to help you achieve perfect oral health.