What are engagers(Attachments)?


What are engagers

    Aligner attachments are tooth colour small blocks used to provide anchorage, movements.

ODS Aligners steps:
  • Etch
  • Primer
  • Composite buttons with template
  • Clear flash with finishing burs
  • Deliver set 1 aligner
ODS Aligners armamentarium:
  • Etch
  • Primer
  • Applicator tips
  • Composite(flowable/packable)
  • Petrollium Jelly
  • Light cure
Important notes:
  • Prep patient , by checking the fit of the template.
  • Template must not rock and fit nicely.
  • Rinse and isolate template – keep aside.
  • Check with the enagager chart and place etchant on the required tooth.
  • Apply primmer.
  • Kindly use etchant even with Self-etch primer.
  • Apply a thin layer of Vasaline before loading composite on the template.
  • Load a little extra composite for better surface contact.
  • Place template hold bilaterally and cure.
  • Keep in mind to hold the template occlusally and buccally.
  • Remove template.
  • Remove flash( the excessive composite around attachment)
  • Deliver #1 aligner.

Flash – excessive composites around attachments

Important notes:
  • One of the most common cause of illfit aligners due to no/unwanted movement.
  • Refix attachments if required using last aligner as template.

Ledge formation

  • Mostly occur due to improper IPR, ledge formation leads to improper space closure and Illfit sometimes.
  • Confirm with iopar.
  • For complete space closure parallel surfaces.
Common reasons for ill fitting aligners
  • Non- compliant patient
  • Flash around engagers not removed
  • Missing engagers
  • IPR incorrectly performed & other iatrogenic errors
  • Manufacturing errors


Beginners lecture (1 day module)
  • About aligners
  • Importance of material in clear aligner therapy
  • Auxiliaries and importance
  • Attachments and IPR Demo
  • Clinical application and challenges.
Advanced lecture (2- 3 day module)
  • About aligners
  • Biomechanics and science behind it
  • Importance of Material
  • IPR - technique and training
  • Attachments - types, Technique and training
  • Auxiliaries and Aligners - types, uses and clinical application
  • How to improve your practice with Aligner therapy
  • Clinical do's and don't with Applied science and live demonstration
  • Myobrace therapy and clinical therapy in accordance with Braces