Go Anywhere With ODS Aligners

Go Anywhere With ODS Aligners | 6 Travelling Tips

Go Anywhere With ODS Aligners

Going for a vacation and worrying about your braces? Well, worry not as ODS Aligners have the most feasible option for you. Go Anywhere With ODS Aligners. ODS Aligners are going to be your best companion in your journey of teeth straightening along with vacation fun! Thanks to the digital ODS Aligners that you can now plan your itinerary without worrying about orthodontic treatment and its management being away from home.

Let’s get started!

Share your itinerary with ODS for well-planned treatment while traveling!

Visit your dentist for the initial scan of your teeth spacing problems. The dentist would manually check and take an impression of your teeth structure to map your teeth misalignment. This will help identify crooked, overbite or underbite issues needing treatment.

How to start clear aligner treatment?

Once you have planned your travel, sharing your plan with ODS Dentist can help prepare ODS Aligner trays as per your itinerary. You can carry extra or needed ODS Aligner trays if you are out for a long time.

Check your post-treatment Smile beforehand with ODS Aligners Simulation Technology!

ods aligners treatment simulation (1)

ODS Aligners then uses the latest technology and software to prepare digital impressions of teeth structure. This helps dentists to plan the treatment accordingly. ODS Aligner trays are calculated and the duration of treatment is decided. Digital impressions are also shown to patients and scanned copies are provided to them. The patient is, therefore, able to visualize the treatment process beforehand only and can even track the treatment regularly.

Go Anywhere With ODS Aligners,
6 Traveling Tips

Customize your ODS Aligners for complex positioning!

ODS Clear Aligner Treatment in Delhi, NCR

ODS offers customized Aligners for accelerated re-positioning of teeth. You can hence plan your travel accordingly. ODS Aligners can help complex movements of your teeth occur before you start your journey and easy or less complicated movements can be planned during your travel. So, ODS simplifies the treatment process according to your travel plan.

Clear Aligners Cost In India

Invisible Braces Cost In India

Once you are traveling or in mid of your vacations and want to trail your progress, you can simply send your teeth structure pictures or videos to ODS dentists. ODS Aligners utilizes a digital monitoring system and this makes it easy for you as well as ODS dentists to keep a track of treatment. ODS Aligners thus eliminates all barriers in the treatment process at your ease and comfort.

Travel smoothly with ODS Aligners!


ODS Aligners have consistently produced remarkable results in terms of performance and maintenance. ODS Aligners are transparent, removable and pain-free. You can easily take them on and off using ODS Outies and ensure optimum oral hygiene even while traveling.

ODS Aligners lets you enjoy all types of food and meals as you stay away from home. Just pop out your ODS Aligner trays and relish various delicacies while traveling.

ODS Aligners are clear plastic trays that are barely visible. So, wear your ODS Aligners for 20-22 hours and pose for your memorable pictures all through your vacations. With ODS Aligners, you will need no filters for your pictures as nobody will even come to know that you are even wearing them!

ODS Aligners comes in beautiful packings and storage boxes that make your travel much easier. You can hygienically store your ODS Aligners in cases that are specially designed for keeping your ODS Aligners safe and clean.

ODS Aligners are super easy to clean and maintain. You can brush your ODS trays before taking them out or simply wash them with clean water before you place them back on teeth.

Travel with ODS Aligners Quick Tips!

  1. Only drink water while wearing ODS Aligners as coffee, cold drink or any other carbonated/sugary drink may stain your ODS Aligner trays.
  2. Always take off your ODS Aligners before eating anything. Hard food may damage ODS trays and this can hinder your progress once you are away traveling.
  3. Maintain basic hygiene while you travel. Rinse and brush your teeth before and after every meal to avoid bacterial growth or plaque. This is necessary to keep ODS Aligners clean and away from food particles.
  4. Always keep your ODS aligners close to you. Keep them in your handbag, purse or carry on bag and not in checked luggage. This will help you have quick access to your ODS Aligners.
  5. Always store your ODS Aligners in cases when not in use. This keeps your ODS trays safe and less prone to damage.
  6. Carry your ODS Aligner trays as per your treatment plan and duration that is aligned to your travel plan and duration. Take care to pack your current and next ODS Aligner trays that will make your treatment progress regular and compatible with your travel.

So, just pack your bags and enjoy with ODS Aligners!

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