How are clear aligners made? Aligners Process Work

How are clear aligners made Aligners Process Work

How are clear aligners made? Aligners Process Work

When we walk into a clinic to get that beautiful smile, we are advised various technique to achieve that perfect smile. One of them is clear aligners,

by opting clear aligner, we often encounter this query from the patients; “How clear aligners are made?” or “what are they made of?” It is a simple yet mostly asked question. The clear aligner is unique and innovative technology with constant advancement in this field.

Clear aligners are virtually invisible, made from thermoplastic material developed in such a fashion to achieve desired results. They are custom- made trays, worn in a sequential manner to successfully achieve treatment outcome.

Step by step Process on How Aligners are made/work?

  Step by step Process on How Aligners are madework

The clear aligner work on the basic orthodontic principles. It is used for correction of crooked teeth, gaps or rotation correction. Aligners work to achieve the desired results in an organized fashion. The customized trays are invisible and active to move the tooth in the desired direction in an invisible way.

There are a few steps to fabricate the tool for that magical smile.

Clinical steps

  1. Impressions
  2. Images
  3. X- rays.

Laboratory steps

  1. Scans
  2. 3D models
  3. Aligners
  4. Quality check



dental impressions

When you visit a clinic initially an impression is taken, PVS impressions (Polyvinyl siloxane) with a light body for the margin as aligners are custom -made – as aligner snuggly fits the tooth surface to apply active forces for tooth movement. Other substitutes for impressions are intraoral scans.


intraoral images

It is very important to help to plan and understand the treatment plan. It is important to record both extra-oral and intraoral images of the patient. The orthodontic treatment is a comprehensive treatment plan not only skeletal and dental but also, soft tissue. Your lips, nose, chin and other facial structures contribute while planning treatment.


An important tool to help determine the number of teeth, there roots positioning and more.

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It is simple yet very precise and planned step.

The impressions/ scans are prepared to achieve a replica of your teeth. Once the scans are ready. The three – dimensional models are prepared. Virtual set up is prepared to show the planned treatment result in the end. This gives an edge to clear aligner therapy compared to traditional orthodontic treatment. You get to see the end results even before one began with the treatment. The models are checked, and your trays are prepared.


3d model teeth

3D models are prepared using 3d printing which is built in layers using a light-sensitive liquified resin which solidifies when exposed to the laser. The models are prepared then the thermoplastic trays are compressed to achieve the desired shape, snuggly fitting the model. These trays are called aligners which move teeth to the desired position.


clear aligners

The aligners have a different purpose, you might be wearing for the space closure, and the other person might be wearing it for crooked teeth. Thus, the space of attachments may vary. Also, the trimming of the aligner varies as per the requirement/purpose of the correction.


clear aligners quality

It is the most important step before getting your package of happiness being shipped. The quality check is done to thoroughly check the margins, borders and the standardized thickness of the aligner. The numbering and the arch form is checked as well.


The aligners are prepared with keeping the patient comfort in mind. The impressions are prepared to achieve the 3D models to prepare the aligners. However, the intra-oral scans save the time to prepare these models. The aligners are then fabricated and are to be worn in a sequential manner.

Following instructions to be followed while aligner treatment opts:

instructions to be followed while aligner treatment

  1. Each aligner is to be worn 20 – 22 hours a day.
  2. Switch to the next set after 2weeks (or as per your dentist instruction)
  3. Seat the aligner with the help of chewies
  4. Retriever for proper removal of the aligner.
  5. Proper insertion and removal are important.
  6. Attachments to be in place
  7. Cleaning of the aligner as much important as maintaining good oral hygiene.

Clear aligners are BPA free, thermoplastic material to give to the perfect smile you always wanted.

Ask your dentist/orthodontist about Orthodontic Solutions for Clear Aligners Treatment.

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