How to Avoid Clear Aligners Relapse? Causes, Tips to Prevent!

All those who have worn Aligners or braces, or still wear them have almost every moment thought of the day when they will be living “Aligner-Free”.
In this article, you will know How to Avoid Clear Aligners Relapse? Getting your braces removed finally is one utmost relief every patient can ever think of. After all, the trouble of wearing braces or Aligners to achieve that perfect smile and correctly aligned teeth is bearable only by the fact that end results are totally worth it. Hence, when it comes to finally removing the aligners then excitement and liberation are both at peak. But what if teeth move back in their position even after the treatment is over?

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Can the teeth really move back after aligner treatment?

Yes, unfortunately, this is quite common with patients who undergo Aligner treatment. Such people experience that teeth eventually move back in their original position once the treatment is over. This problem is often referred to as Aligner relapse as lower front teeth or upper teeth move to their original position, i.e. pre-treatment position. Hence management of relapse becomes an important concern after Aligner’s treatment.

What Causes Aligners Relapse?

Clear Aligners move back teeth in the desired position during the treatment period. However, Clear Aligners are not able to move the ligaments that connect the teeth to the jaw bone. These ligaments are elastic and during the treatment are stretched to re-position teeth as desired. Once the treatment is over, these elastic ligaments can pull back the teeth in their original place causing Aligner relapse. The relapse may vary as per orthodontic problems but largely everyone can get affected.

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How to Prevent Aligners Relapse?

Aligner relapse as stated is a common occurrence and can be treated easily. How so ever, it is important to keep in mind that Aligner relapse can only be treated with the help of Orthodontic Appliances. These appliances are known as retainers and these are available in two forms- fixed and removable.

Fixed retainers: These are fixed retainers and can be labial, lingual or wired. Labial braces have brackets attached to the lip-side of teeth, whereas lingual braces have brackets attached to the tongue-side of the teeth. The third type of fixed retainer is simply flexible wire without brackets that are attached to the tongue – side of the teeth.

Removable retainers- These are removable retainers that are not fixed. These retainers may or may not use springs to apply force to keep teeth aligned. These are simply wires made of usually acrylic. Another type of removable retainer is invisible wires that are fixed onto the inner side of teeth and prevents re-movement of teeth post aligner treatment.

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Things to keep in mind Post Aligner Treatment

  • Always wear your Clear Aligners as prescribed by your dentist.
  • Wear your retainers to manage aligners well.
  • Monitor your retainers well. Replace them if there is any damage.
  • If the retainers are not damaged, and minor shifting is present continue wearing them and monitor for further shifting.
  • If there are minor tooth movements, then removable retainers are a better choice.
  • Go visit your dentist in case you notice a significant relapse. Your dentist may recommend re-treatment.

Why choose ODS Aligners to avoid aligner’s relapse?

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ODS Clear Aligner treatment can save your time and cost involved in Aligner relapse provided you listen and follow your ODS Dental Experts aptly. ODS Clear Aligners provide optimum results only when you wear them regularly at least 20-22 hours each day. ODS Aligners are removable, transparent and hygienic. ODS Aligners are custom made and gels perfectly with your lifestyle. Hence, if you follow your ODS Dentist’s advice appropriately then there are minimal chances of Aligner Relapse.

ODS Aligner kit comes with removable retainers that are invisible, made of clear plastic and are worn inside the teeth. How to Avoid Clear Aligners Relapse? ODS Removable retainers are thus completely discreet and assure your perfectly aligned smile stays forever!

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