How To Remove Clear Aligners? 5 Tips

Share your smile with everyone every day is our motto, but sometimes due to irregular teeth, we do not smile. Let’s not hide that beautiful smile, let’s laugh out loud and bright with ODS Aligners

ODS aligners not only help straighten your teeth but also helps you feel more confident, with no brace look. How To Remove Clear Aligners? The aligner is not only invisible but is also easy to wear and remove with ease.

However, sometimes some patients face little difficulty while removing the aligner. Although the removal of aligners is no rocket science. Little patience, persistence, and practice make it a cakewalk.

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Here are a few easy to follow and quick trick on 

1. Patience is the key

Being a patient is indeed difficult sometimes. Aligner therapy can be a daunting process for a few days. Patience is the key, in the first few days it may take a little time, eventually, it’ll get easier to wear and remove the aligner. Do not hurry while removing the aligner, it may damage the aligners or damage fingers/nails too.

2. Remove aligner from the back

Sometimes it gets tricky to remove the clear aligner, many a time we are trying to push the aligner from the front region. This is where we are wrong, to remove the clear aligners easily and comfortably go towards the back region as much as possible lift them up over the teeth, move towards the front region starting from the back.

3. Tool for removal (Outie)

This is one very handy tool provided by ODS aligners. A well-fitted aligner sometimes gives a hard time while we are trying to remove before the meal or brushing. Removal of aligners with fingers is not only unhygienic, but it also hurts the fingers and sometimes chipped nails. This is a tool has a special curved hook to engage the aligner.

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How to use outie?

Place the tool in the back region between the tooth and aligner and glide it towards the front region pulling the aligner downwards. Try not to push too much as it may break the aligner. The best way to remove it to go bilateral (remove equally from both sides).

Always remember to take proper instructions from your dentist and learn how to use or any special instructions provided by your dentist to follow.

4. Removal of aligner with and without attachments

Attachments are given to achieve better results and stable tooth movement. based on the requirements and clinical conditions the aligners are provided with or without attachments.

Aligners without attachments are a little easier to remove compared to the aligners with attachments. While removing remember to go from the back and over the teeth towards the front for easy removal.

5. Aligner Hurts to Takeoff

Aligners are not supposed to hurt while taking them off. If the removal technique is right which your dentist explains the removal of aligners is not hurtful. However, if the margins of the aligner are not smooth it may cause trauma while removal. Visit your dentist and it can be smoothened easily.

clear aligners removing tips


Aligners may appear tighter initially thus little difficulty initially while removal, it gets easier after a few days. Ask your dentist for a painkiller if the therapy is painful initially. Always remember to remove the aligner from the back and then move in the front region. You can use gloves to hold the aligner if your fingers slip. Aligner tools are suggested for ideal removal. Switch to the next aligner at night.

How To Remove Clear Aligners? In the end, wear your aligner every day, keep oral hygiene and aligner clean for the smile that lightens up the world and makes it a better and a beautiful place.

-by Dr. Ruchi Sharma (Consultant Orthodontist, ODS Aligners)

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