How to use Outie & Chewie tools in ODS aligners?

There are variations in individual teeth stable structure, and so, when using aligners, many people find it quite difficult to insert them or take them off. This is when your dentist recommends you to use Outie and Chewie tools.

Outie and Chewie are accessories that come in handy with your ODS Aligner kit. Outie helps you to pop out your aligners easily without damaging them, and Chewie helps them to slip onto your teeth structure easily.

What’s an ODS Aligner Outie?

If you use your fingernails to remove your aligners, then Outie is the perfect solution for you. Nails may affect Aligners shape and quality. Therefore, it is not advised to take Aligners out without using an Outie Tool. You no longer need to put your hand inside your mouth to take out your aligner and feel unhygienic about the process. ODS Aligner Outie is a specially designed tool having a unique shape that pulls out your clear ODS Aligners very safely and conveniently.

How to use ODS Aligner Outie?

outie tool clear aligners

Place the hook of ODS Aligner Outie between teeth and ODS Aligner. You have enough space between the two to place the Outie Hook safely. Once you have locked the hook end in between, pull off the ODS Aligner securely.

ODS Aligner Outie is neat, handy and easy to carry tool. You may keep it in your bag, purse, pocket or practically anywhere you need to take off your ODS Aligners!

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What’s an ODS Aligner Chewie?

ODS Aligner Chewies are soft spongy materials made from Styrene Copolymer and has a cotton roll like appearance. These tools save you a great deal of effort and time when you first time try to slip on your Aligners. ODS Aligner Chewie helps Aligners to fit your teeth closing any air gaps that might exist in between Aligners and Teeth. This ensures that ODS Aligners fit firmly and securely onto your teeth structure.

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How to use an ODS Aligner Chewie?

chewie tool clear aligners

Wash your hands, hold your Chewie, place it between your teeth and bite down to fit your aligners. It may be kept short or long ways. It is essential, however, to make sure that you chew the Chewie quickly and keep moving it from one end to another in your mouth. You should continue doing this for 2-3 minutes and should even repeat the process as this helps to set your ODS Aligner tray.  It is advisable to use Chewies when you wear ODS Aligners for the first time, or you have switched to a new set.

Keep in mind:

When using OUTIES –

Be gentle when using an OUTIE! Aggressive and rough usage of same can break the aligner. You must try taking out ODS Aligners from a different area if you face difficulty removing it from one particular area.

Pushing or Pulling is not allowed! Sometimes Aligners may not come off quickly. You, however, should never pull or push your ODS Aligners with an Ouite

When using CHEWIES –

Chew the CHEWIES when you go to bed! Chewies work best when you use them before bed. This way they get set on your teeth while you enjoy your sleep.

Clean CHEWIES after every use!  ODS Aligner Chewies can be. Though, it is imperative to clean them with mild soap and regular water after every use.

So if you want to set your smile straight elegantly and stylishly, opt for ODS Aligners and slip them on and off smartly using Outie and Chewie!