Invisible Braces Cost In India

Invisible braces cost in india

Everybody longs for a perfect smile and pleasing personality. Smile, as they say, is the window to a soul but what if your teeth are not correctly placed and lower down your self-esteem as you open your mouth to speak or smile? A larger part of our population has minor or major dental issues to deal with. Today’s youth is more particular about their presence and personality as everyone wants to make a lasting impression on each other. Invisible Braces Cost In India.

People who are always smiling are considered positive and cheerful and are able to gain a respectable place in own surroundings. But how to achieve that perfect smile with crooked or mal-aligned teeth. Well, earlier we had only one solution to this and that was metal braces. Metal braces are metal wires stretched onto teeth that help proper teeth positioning over a period of time. Traditional braces also offered the options of ceramic braces for teeth straightening but these came with their precise disadvantages. Let’s take a look as what these braces are and how they help move teeth back in position.

Metal braces are made of metal braces and are stretched on the tooth using hooks. These wires need regular tightening and hence require frequent dental visits. Also, these braces are fixed and cannot be taken out without the help of the dentist. The major disadvantage with these braces is that they present serious dental hygiene issues as they cannot be easily cleaned. These braces break quite often and hence add up to the cost of treatment.

Ceramic braces offer a better solution as compared to metal braces but involve high cost. These braces also break more often like metal braces as they cannot absorb forces and fracture easily. Ceramic braces are larger in size than metallic braces and therefore much harder to clean. Both, metal and ceramic braces irritate the soft tissues inside the mouth and lips thus scratching and affecting gums. The cost involved eventually rises up due to frequent dental follow-ups and maintenance costs.

Clear Aligners Cost In India

Invisible Braces Cost in India

Depends on your individual case. Ask our experts to know more…

All these factors and numerous other factors have made these traditional braces less preferred especially among adults and youngsters. Clear aligners have revolutionised orthodontic treatments in terms of ease and maintenance. Clear aligners are the most wanted and desired solution for those you want to straighten teeth at their cost and comfort. Clear Aligners are transparent plastic trays that easily move back teeth in position without any pain and discomfort. These aligners have made dental treatments much easier and affordable as compared to traditional braces. These Clear Aligners are non-visible, removable and hygienic. ODS Clear Aligners are one step ahead of all Clear Aligners as they involve extensive Research and expertise in the development of their Aligners.

ODS Clear Aligners can easily be removed and inserted onto tooth structure without any dentist’s help. ODS Clear Aligners comes with Outie and Chewie tools to assist and hence are very hygienic and presentable. ODS Clear Aligners are easy to clean, event friendly, transparent and very affordable as well.

Treatment process of ODS Clear Aligners:

ODS Aligners have their presence all over India and their wide presence makes it very popular nationally as well as internationally. In case you have crowded teeth, overbite or underbite or any other teeth space issues then the first thing you need to do is consult a dentist. ODS Aligner approved dentist will initially check your teeth and would take a digital impression of same.

Best Clear Aligners Treatment in India

ODS Clear Aligner Treatment in Delhi, NCR

A certified technician after taking the digital impression of your teeth, along with an engineer would scan and present a 3D illustration of your present teeth structure. ODS dentist will then plan your treatment deciding a number of days and Aligner trays required. Positioning of trays, placement of hooks and duration of treatment is then decided and projected on 3D software using the latest technology. The patient is thereby able to see how his teeth will look once the treatment is over.

After initial visits, once the patient is comfortable with ODS Aligners, the ODS Clear Aligner treatment requires fewer follow-ups and handy tools that come with trays assist in the removal and placing of ODS Aligners easily. ODS Clear Aligners place no restrictions on food habits. You can enjoy your favourite food anytime without worrying about ODS Aligners tray’s fracture or breakage. Also, ODS Aligners are easy to clean and you can maintain your oral hygiene without any hassle.

Best Clear Aligners-Invisible Braces Company in India

ODS Clear Aligner trays are certified and approved and hence the material is very safe and hygienic to use. Also, ODS Clear Aligners are removable and takes lesser time for moving teeth back in position as compared to other Aligners. ODS Clear Aligners are made by experts in inhouse laboratories and supplied to doctors all over India and abroad and therefore, the cost of treatment is also less as compared to other brands.

ODS Clear Aligners must be worn at least 20-22 hours for best results and timely treatment. ODS Aligners offer pain-free treatment and all-round available experts.

Cost of Invisible Braces in India

The cost of Invisible braces depends on how complex your case is. This might also be affected by the place you are residing in and the kind of brand you choose. There are some international brands which cost high and may end up making a big hole in your pocket. ODS Clear Aligner treatment how so ever, involves In house manufacturing of certified and Approved Aligner trays and hence are less in cost. ODS Clear Aligners have successfully produced best results and are thus most widely accepted by dentists.

The cost of Clear Aligners can range from 50,000-1,50,000 depending on your individual case. The cost can increase if there is a severity in the case or might go down as well in simpler cases. Some private clinics can, however, offer lesser cost depending on cheaper brands but might comprise with quality as well. ODS Aligner trays are approved and they involve in exhaustive research studies to continually upgrade their orthodontic devices. ODS Clear Aligners are hence the only trusted brands when it comes to qualitative results and best survives.

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