Invisible Braces For Adults

Invisible Braces For Adults | Easy Guide

If you have overbite, underbite, mal-aligned teeth or teeth spacing issues, then you would have surely thought of braces at least once in life. Invisible Braces For Adults. Earlier braces were limited to either metallic or ceramic choices. But now, owing to researches and technological breakthroughs, we have better and advanced Aligners available for teeth straightening.

US FDA/CE Certified materials are used in ODS Aligners manufacturing.

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Invisible Braces For Adults

Braces may be broadly classified as Visible or Invisible. Visible braces are made of metal or ceramic and employ traditional means of treatment. Metal braces are stretched onto teeth and are secured using metal hooks. Metal, however, is a constant source of irritation to gums and inner cheeks and hence often results in bruises or cuts. Metal wires are contrasting in color and highly visible drawing unwanted attention all time. Visible braces have always been an embarrassment for patients as being conspicuous, they appear strikingly unattractive on the tooth and is non-removable, trap food in metal wires or hooks as well. Also, these braces require frequent follow-ups for metal tightening and cause pain throughout the treatment.

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Invisible Braces For Adults

Adulthood is an important stage in everybody’s life. Adults are nowadays busier and more confident than before. Owing to the presence of multiple career options, high competition, and wide social presence, adults are also image-conscious and cognizant regarding their looks. Also, unlike earlier times, males are also getting aware of their smile and public appearance. Everybody is striving for a healthy lifestyle, fit physique, mental health, and perfect looks. Smile is one important aspect of perfect looks and personality. A smile adds to one’s self-esteem and pride and therefore adults are going for devices and appliances that enhance their aesthetic appearance. ODS Clear aligners are invisible braces that are most preferred for teeth straightening.

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Teeth straightening not only helps in making the smile perfect but is also required for oral hygiene. Crowded teeth or poorly aligned teeth are difficult to clean and hence invites several periodontal problems.

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ODS Clear Aligners for Adults

ODS Invisible braces are specially designed to offer easy, affordable treatment as per your choice and conditions. Adults can easily use these braces at their workplace, parties, social events and being invisible no one even comes to know that they are undergoing treatment. ODS Aligners are made of plastic trays that are clear and removable. These are customized trays that are made using the latest software and technology under expert’s supervision. ODS Invisible braces are easy to clean and so offer utmost hygiene during treatment. These braces can be taken out when required and again can be placed on teeth without any dentist’s help. ODS Invisible braces, however, should be worn a minimum of 20-22 hours for effective results.

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You can wear these ODS Invisible braces during your working hours and no one would ever come to know that you are wearing braces. ODS aligners are easy to store and comes handy with Outie and Chewie tool. Unlike metal braces that usually break if you chew hard food, ODS Aligners are safe and place no restrictions on hard, chewy food as well. You can simply remove the trays and enjoy your favorite meal anytime, anywhere.

ODS invisible braces are manufactured after initial scanning of teeth is done using teeth impression. Latest softwares present a 3D structure of teeth alignment and help patients visualize how the treatment process is going to be. Using the 3D scan, a number of trays are decided and teeth placement after the treatment is shown to patients even before beginning the procedure. Thus, patients can easily map their progress throughout the treatment. ODS Invisible braces are a cost-effective solution for adults who prefer quality and standard. ODS Clear Aligners are hence adult-friendly invisible braces that make you achieve the perfect smile in a hassle-free way. Get started by filling the smile assessment form!

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