Full range of clear aligner solutions for adults, teens and growing children

All ODS Aligners™ clear aligner products are built with Clarus® material that straightens teeth more predictably than other aligners using customized treatment based on years of research and intelligence from hundreds of doctors who have treated thousands of patients.

Tools and technology to empower doctors.

You have the flexibility to customize treatment for your patient’s unique needs within the ODS Aligners™ Product Portfolio.

  • Clarus® material and Optimized® attachments which allow more predictable tooth movement - unmatched by any other clear aligner system made from off the shelf, single layer material.1,2
  • Advanced treatment planning with VDS (Virtual Diagnostic Simulation)® software and SmartStage® technology based on years of research and intelligence from thousands of doctors who have treated millions of patients.

1 Compared to off the shelf, single layer .030in material.
2 Data on file at Align Technology, as of July 24, 2019.

A patient-centric approach to clear aligner treatment.

Treatment options are available for adults, teens, and growing children can be easily tailored in your treatment plan based on each patient′s unique needs with features including:

  • Eruption compensation*
  • Molar tabs*
  • Precision cuts**
  • Bite ramps**
  • Passive aligners**

Comprehensive Package only:

  • Compliance indicators
  • IPR
  • Mandibular advancement
**Excludes ODS Aligners™ Assist Package

The ODS Aligners™ Product Portfolio

A simplified view of ODS Aligners™ clear aligner solutions to facilitate ease of product selection. This view shows ODS Aligners™ products based on severity of malocclusion to help decide which treatment options make sense for your practice.

Product Type Flex Ultra Non-Complex Complex Extended Comprehensive*
Description If you want the most affordable upfront cost, that's going to be Flex for all but the longest dual-arch cases. Flex is also a good option if you and your patient are prepared to deal with any additional costs that may come up during treatment. Adjusting an orthodontic relapse case doesn't have to be expensive. Our ODS ULTRA Package provides a cost-effective solution for smiles that only require minor corrections in as little as 3 months. The versatility you need to treat mild to moderate cases. ODS NON-COMPLEX features the same technological innovations that have made ODS clear aligners the trusted choice for orthodontic treatment. ODS Extended Package allows for maximum treatment planning across a wide range of malocclusions.. Aligners are shipped in phases/batches^. Delivers clear aligner treatment to correct mild to moderate malocclusion without compromising on the superior features and functionality of ODS clear aligner therapy. Aligners are shipped in phases/batches^. If you want the safest, most predictable option, you can't go wrong with Unlimited. Your costs will be covered for the next five years.
Clinical Scope 1. Treatment with a low probability of needing a revision.
2. Simple aesthetic corrections
3. Single-arch treatment.
4. Minor orthodontic relapses.
5. Minor anterior movements.
6. Minor crowding or spaces.
7. Pre-braces adjustments.
8. Clinicians who have experience with clear aligners.
9. Clinicians who only want to pay for the approved setups, aligners and retainers needed.
1. Relapse
2. Minor movement
3. Anterior, esthetic alignment
1. Class I
2. No AP correction
3. Mild crowding/spacing
4. Non-extraction
5. Pre-restorative
1. Class I
2. Mild Class II
3. Mild to moderate crowding/spacing
4. Mild AP and vertical discrepancies
5. Pre-restorative
1. Class I, II, III
2. Moderate to severe crowding/spacing
3. AP and vertical discrepancies
4. Extractions
5. Complex pre-restorative
1. Treatment with a high probability of requiring 1 or more revisions
2. Comprehensive treatment of complex malocclusions, including: 3. Severe crowding and space closure
4. Midline alignment
5. Dental expansion
6. Horizontal and vertical corrections
7. Combination treatment with auxiliaries
8. Elastics
9. Mechanical distalizers
10. Palatal expanders
No Of Aligners Varies with treatment Up to 8 Up to 16 Up to 25 Up to 48 Varies with treatment
Additional Aligners Available for purchase(not included in the treatment) One round of complimentary refinement phase of up to 3 aligners is included in package One round of complimentary refinement phase of up to 8 aligners is included in package One round of complimentary refinement phase of up to 10 aligners is included in package One round of complimentary refinement phase of up to 12 aligners is included in package. Reasonable number of aligners for a period of 5 years
Expiry Date The treatment is considered closed once the aligners are shipped to the clinician. 6 months from date of shipment of initial/actual aligners 12 months from date of shipment of initial/actual aligners 18 months from date of shipment of initial/actual aligners 30 months from date of shipment of initial/actual aligners 5 years from date of shipment of initial/actual aligners

Policies to help you achieve great outcomes.

  • Additional aligner sets are included in the treatment fee in all Packages3
  • Additional Aligner set(s) can be purchased if needed before the treatment expiration date

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3 For ODS Aligners™ one set of Additional Aligners is available for purchase.

ODS Aligners™ First clear aligners.

Orthodontic specialists can treat growing children with ODS Aligners™ First clear aligners, a package designed specifically for patients with early mixed dentition in Phase 1 treatment. ODS Aligners™ First offers:

  • Predictable dental arch expansion
  • Effective management of erupting dentition
  • Solutions for shorter crowns

* Ods comprehensive category is the recommended package for all types of cases