Why should you remove aligners while eating?

Why should you remove aligners while eating

Aligners work on the same principle as traditional orthodontics. This is a new and an advanced modality, wide acceptable and desired by the patients due to its added advantage of invisibility. Trust me as an orthodontist delivering the aligner is easier than the questioner that follows, besides proper instructions. The most common I have encountered “Why should I remove aligners while eating ?” “How to take care of Aligner?” etc.

However, apart from the visibility, it has various other advantages such as;

  1. Removable.
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. Maintenance of oral hygiene is easy and quick, unlike traditional braces.
  4. Less dental visit.
  5. Metal free.

Despite the above advantages, there are few rules and special instructions to be followed to avoid hiccups throughout the treatment, such as:

  1. Proper wear and removal
  2. Timely switch to the set of aligners.
  3. Maintenance of oral hygiene.
  4. No eating with the aligners on
  5. No hot beverage
  6. Avoid brushing or use of soap to clean aligner.

Now, “Why you should remove the Aligner while eating?”

  1. To avoid breakage
  2. To avoid staining

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aligner breakage issue

Aligners are active an appliance and are to be worn for 18 – 22 hours to achieve desired results. However, being made from the material which can break under excessive force. Sometimes a minor crack is not visible but may lead to unwanted results or tooth movement.

Minor breakage may also, cause loosing of the aligner or any distortion may cause Ill-fit issue as well. Thus, it is always advised to remove aligners while eating, even while consumption of a soft diet/meal/food.



It is always advised to remove aligner before consumption of sugary or stain causing drinks (such as; wine, juices, cold aerated drinks). The aligner is opted by most of the patients as it an ideal alternative to traditional metallic braces. However, consumption of drink with aligners leads to seepage of drinks between the aligner and teeth causing stains over the aligners, also giving an un-aesthetic look. Thus, it is advised not to consume stain causing drinks while wearing the aligner.

It is also advised to maintain the oral hygiene, rinse after every meal to avoid transfer of stain to the aligner and keep the aligner clean by washing under cold running water.



Aligners being a clear, removable, orthodontic appliance worn in a sequential pattern (change after every 2 weeks or as directed by the doctor), with a few precautions to be considered while undertaking a treatment.

  1. Rinse with cold water
  2. Avoid consumption of hot with aligners on
  3. Remove while eating to avoid breakage
  4. Remove while eating to avoid staining

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