Are You A Right Candidate for Wearing ODS Clear Aligners?

Are You A Right Candidate for Wearing ODS Clear Aligners (1)

Am I a Good Candidate for Clear Braces/Aligners?
How to determine if Clear Aligners are right for you?
Are Clear Teeth Aligners Right for you?

If you are confused with these questions, read this article.

Many people avoided the idea of straightening teeth earlier owing to the pain and embarrassment caused due to traditional metal braces. Are You A Right Candidate for Wearing ODS Clear Aligners? But the advent of ODS Clear Aligners has helped gain confidence in people to opt for teeth levelling for enhanced self-esteem along with better oral health. How so ever, many individuals are quite confused about whether they are an apt candidate to wear ODS Clear Aligners or not?

Why Aligners?

If you have space between teeth or facing gaping issues, if you do not have straight teeth line or have crooked teeth then ODS Clear Aligners is here to help you. Also, if you do not possess the correct bite and are suffering from overbite or underbite issues then ODS Clear Aligners surely are answers to your problems.

Benefits are worth the choice!

ODS Clear Aligners are invisible and removable. The topmost benefit is it can be easily taken on and off whenever you want to, unlike metal braces you do not have to worry about the trouble of gathering the unwanted attention as they are nearly invisible in appearance. ODS Aligners also gives you the total freedom of eating anything that you desire for, on the in contrary to metal braces which put several dietary restrictions when it comes to hard, sugary or chewy food.

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Are you the right candidate?

Your Dentist will carry on an initial checkup to see if you are a potential candidate for ODS Clear Aligners. Depending on your case he will decide the treatment plan for you.

The cases might be simple, moderate or complex depending on jaw condition.


simple aligner category


non complex aligner category


complex aligner category

If any of the above images match with your teeth condition, then you are eligible for wearing ODS Clear Aligners.

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ODS Clear Aligners need to be worn at least 22 hours a day in order to set your teeth straight. If you have the patience and determination required to give you the best oral care then you are the right candidate for your dentist in terms of ODS Aligners treatment.

Not yet decided?

ODS Clear Aligners are clear plastic trays that makes them nearly invisible. No one will notice if you are actually wearing them!

ODS Clear Aligners are removable at your own ease and totally pain-free!

ODS Clear Aligners are easy to maintain and clean with no hassle of food getting trapped in between!

ODS Aligners needs you to have fewer visits for follow-ups and dental check-ups!

ODS Aligners do not put a ban on your food habits and lifestyle. Just pop them out and enjoy the fun and feast when you like!

Are you ready to embrace the opportunity?

  • Are you a busy professional with misaligned teeth who wants best oral health but are not able to take out time to do so?
  • Are you busy growing business and making presentations along with meetings but are not able to give the picture perfect smile because of imperfect teeth structure?
  • Are you a student trying to make new friends and preparing hard to establish a career and need an inspiring, pleasant smile?
  • Are you an active and productive member of society involved in socializing with people but feel a bit low on self-esteem due to crooked teeth?
  • Are you a parent who has always wanted to get straight teeth but hesitated to use braces considering the age factor?
  • Are you an individual who wants to get the perfect smile because that makes you feel good?

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If yes, then you now have the best decision to get your teeth straight with ODS Clear Aligners. This will not only give you a beautiful smile but will also provide the best oral health you deserve.

Your decision to choose ODS Clear Aligners coupled with your fortitude and best dental advice will help you achieve the finest oral health and sunshine like a smile. If you are a right candidate for wearing ODS Clear Aligners, fill the below form and get a free consultation.

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