Why choose ODS Aligners over the braces?

Why choose ODS Aligners over the braces

If you have crooked, misaligned teeth and feel shy to smile cheek to cheek, then you truly need to straighten them now! Not because, it will make you more confident with upgraded self-esteem but also, because now you have more metal-free options, not just traditional metal braces, giving the “metallic” feel all the time.

So, Why choose ODS Aligners over the Metal/Traditional braces?

Do not have any doubts regarding teeth straightening. You may have to choose among metal braces, clear braces or clear aligners. The traditional braces made of metal may have proved their worth in earlier times, but the mortification one faces while using them is no hidden point. Apart from that, the trouble of regular brushing and flossing and pain of avoiding your favorite food has added to its disadvantages. Thus, you might consider the option of ODS Aligners keeping in view following a few perks it offers over traditional braces:

ODS Aligners are metal-free!

ODS Aligners are metal free

Metal in the mouth is, of course, an unpleasant feeling giving an unattractive appearance. At the same time, some people also complain about being allergic to metals. ODS Aligners, hence are the perfect choice for such people.

ODS Aligners are nearly invisible!

Metal braces are highly visible against your teeth making you feel awkwardly different in-crowd. Children and adults prefer not to laugh to avoid unnecessary attention these braces attract. On the other hand, ODS aligners are custom made and therefore less conspicuous. These are barely visible and would save you from the embarrassment thus, providing you a good whole-hearted laugh.

You can remove ODS Aligners whenever you want to!

ODS Aligners are nearly invisible

ODS Aligners are easy, removable dental trays that you can take out when you need them to. This definitely offers an added advantage over metal braces that cannot be popped out like ODS Aligners.

ODS Aligners are easy to clean and maintain!

All braces can trap food making them a bit unhygienic. Regular flossing and brushing become inevitable while using braces. However, ODS Clear Aligners helps you spot any food being trapped easily. This leads to better oral care and hygiene. Also, you need not buy special brushing and flossing tools (without which you cannot sustain metal braces) to clean Clear ODS Aligners.

ODS Aligners gives you no sharp edges in the mouth!

Metal braces can hurt the inside of your mouth as sharp wires prick the sensitive skin. With ODS Aligners you can be sure to keep the insides of your mouth and cheek safe as they have no sharp wires to scratch you.

Avoid Frequent visits to your dentist with ODS Aligners!

Visiting the dentist with metal braces can become a vicious circle as you have to visit the dentist regularly to keep your braces safe. These time-consuming visits are also often accompanied by poking and pricking wire pains of traditional braces. But ODS Aligners only ask you to visit your dentist once in 4-6 weeks with no added discomforts, unlike metal braces.

ODS Aligners do not own you – YOU OWN THEM!

ods aligners are removable

Going for an event? Do not want to wear aligners? Take them off and enjoy the day. Metal braces do not provide this liberty as you have no choice to remove them once they are fixed to your teeth. ODS Aligners, being removable give you the freedom to make the event friendly as and when desired.

ODS Aligners lets you eat your favorite food anytime!

Metal braces and wires do not allow you to eat hard, chewy or sugary foods lest they get damaged. There are, however no meal restrictions with ODS Aligners. So, take off your easily removable ODS Aligners and enjoy the feast all the time!

Still not convinced….

Straight teeth not only boost up your image but also help maintain oral hygiene. Overlapping, crowded teeth are difficult to clean thus paving way for dental and gum diseases.

ODS Aligners are a perfect solution for your imperfect smile. Why choose ODS Aligners over the braces? These save you from the discomforts of metal wires and provide you with the best grin for a happier life.

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