Stop Waiting Now, ODS Delivers Your Clear Aligners On Same Day

Clear Aligners The Same DayDo you want your clear aligners the same day? Branded Aligners have to be customized for patients. They need to be properly designed, printed and shipped and this usually takes several weeks. But is the wait worth it? Well, the advantages Aligners offer as compared to Traditional Braces totally surpass the later. Let it be appearance, ease in usability, flexibility or hygiene, Clear Aligners have come a long way from braces of all kinds. The only concern patients generally have is the cost which might vary from INR 1,50,000-2,00,000 depending on the complexity of the case. This is due to the fact that Aligners are made in laboratories and hence the cost invariably goes high.

What are ODS Clear Aligners or invisible braces?

Clear Aligners The Same Day!

We all know that in today’s busy life, nobody has the time and even patience to wait for anything. When technology is evolving at such a fast pace then why not expect something similar in the field of dentistry as well? Why focus on Instant Gratification in terms of Social Media and Internet-only and why not in Clear Aligners? When a consumer can get answers to his query in just a blink of an eye then why not a patient can get a solution to his teeth straightening the same day. So, here we are.ODS Clear Aligners deliver you your Aligner Trays the same day. This also means that patients now need not worry about hefty lab charges as well. So, ODS offers same-day Clear Aligners and that too at affordable prices. Let’s know-how.

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Clear Aligners Cost In India

In House ODS Aligner Printing.

Here’s WHY?

  • Reduced lab-fee
  • Reduced in-turnaround time
  • Reduced charges for replacement aligners
  • EMI options for patients as in fixed appliances
  • Increased Patient base
  • No specific logistics required
  • No trained personnel required

All this in quick time gelling in with your lifestyle!

Branded clear aligner system & In-house – Mutually Exclusive? Not really!
Start with offering branded clear aligners and also in house aligner solutions, while analyzing P&L and ROI. This will help you gain a better understanding of what selection can get you improved business. You can easily assess both options in terms of revenue generated by each and the amount of usability for your business operations. Check out ROI Calculator if you are unsure of how this will really work.

With In House ODS Aligners, you can reach for a wider section of society of all income groups who wanted to go for Aligners but backed off due to financial worries. Cost-effective Aligners along with better services definitely helps you establish a rapport among patients and also expand your target market.
It is, however, important to note that every case is not suited for In house ODS Aligners as every case is not suitable for Branded Aligners as well.

Best Invisalign Alternative Aligners

Select The Case Wisely!

So, how to decide which case is right for ODS In-house Aligner and which case needs Branded Aligners? Let’s face it, many of us are naive enough to believe that Branded clear aligner system® technology is suitable for all cases for best results. But this is not the fact. Whether in House ODS aligners or Branded aligner is a dilemma that involves both volume and biomechanics to be considered. The majority of cases can be treated without Branded Aligners using simple or no attachments at all! G5 or G6 technology is not even required for average cases. Non branded or In House ODS Aligners though have all optimized attachments available, but are suitable for all types of cases delivering finest results.

Case Selection is thus the key to achievement. ODS Aligners being the first system to help resourceful dentists for setting up in house printing of ODS Aligners offers full assistance to printing partners lest they experience any problem during treatment. Visit to get started and to know more about us.
Need Help? We are readily available!

Do not stress about setting up your own Aligner brand. It is not that complicated as you might think! Being a professional, you must have streamlined your office by purchasing all the necessary stuff first hand. This includes a 3D Scanner, a Thermoforming machine, and other necessary equipment. The biggest and only challenge you might have to face is Treatment Planning. ODS Aligners helps partners design a tailored plan as per their requirements at a nominal fee.

Dental Tourism – The New Buzz!

Dental Vacation is a new trend globally. For those patients who require minor movements, In-house ODS Aligners reduces the turnout time which in the case of Branded Aligners is nearly two to three weeks. This time comes down to a matter of a few hours if you opt for In house ODS aligners depending on the production capacity of your business. So, you have the opportunity to offer maximum convenience to patients and increased profits for yourself.
Take charge of your Profits and Quality!

Own your manufacturing procedure, cost processes, quality and eventually the profits. In the house, solutions may require your diligent efforts, time and allegiance but that will add more profits to your pocket only. You can always be more creative to offer other appliances as splints, mouth guards, etc to your patients at your own cost and quality to achieve more benefits.